On the road to success for 18 years

We just missed the early days of the Internet. Back then high performance computers cost as much as a single-family house, filled entire rooms and were extremely complicated to operate.

Our story began just a little later, to be precise on 1st August 1997. We wanted to get into the act in the early days of the commercial world wide web. It was the time of the pioneers, the prospects were promising, we wanted to participate.

Today, 18 years later, we carry out challenging software and Internet projects and accompany our customers from the idea through to the implementation. With a small, mixed team and with a passion.

Captivating concepts, well-founded technology know-how and agile project management form the basis for inspired customers and numerous successful projects for smaller, medium-sized and at times also larger-sized companies from all branches.

A certain affinity to shipping, forwarding and logistics was laid in our paths, though we were, and still are, open-minded and inquisitive about all branches.

Our customers do not only appreciate our efficient and meticulous programming work but also the way in which we encounter them. Attentive. Uncomplicated. Committed.

We are here for you. Any time and always without delay. In the heart of Bremen. Our address is Am Wall, the river Weser almost visible.
We look forward to getting to know you. In fact very much so.