Why you need us...

In order to stand your ground successfully in an environment which is currently changing, you need a smart, integrated and flexible software solution which grows with the requirements of your company and can be easily adapted.
Readily accessible and transparent information on all levels or to external business partners form the basis for making reliable decisions and for setting the course in an intelligent manner.
Projects are also becoming more complex. Customers are getting more demanding and the network of work processes, interrelations and information more diverse.

The involvement of external third parties as partners or subcontractors frequently determines your company's day-to-day business so that the exchange of information as well as global transparency will become of increasingly vital importance. With web-based software you effortlessly comply with these requirements, independent of your location, because internet access via desktop computer, notebook, tablet PC or smartphone are standard nowadays, even in the most remote regions.

What we do...

We are specialized in the development of web-based programs with which you can display almost all of your work processes individually in software.

Understandably, many medium-sized and smaller companies avoid high investment costs in software solutions..

This is why we offer individual software architecture which can be implemented flexibly and at a reasonable price.

The more individually software solutions and database applications are tuned to your requirements and work processes, the more efficient and profitable they are for your company.

For this reason they must reliably fulfill all necessary functions, blend in optimally with existing company processes and be easy for your staff to learn and operate.

The many years of experience we have in the planning and developing of web-based software solutions help when it comes to recognizing possible obstructions during the conception process and minimizing risks.

We gladly share this knowledge with our customers.

How you benefit...

Accelerate the information flow
Simplify work processes
Make use of a wealth of evaluation possibilities

Intranets are widespread everywhere where employees can read up on the latest messages as well as rules and agreements. Moreover, they can find important documents and forms in the intranet which they can download, print out or edit for their work.

The intranet is based on the same technologies as the Internet but is not publicly accessible. So the user group is restricted, for example within a firm or an organization only.

Advantages of the intranet

  • Availability via the Internet browser or intranet browser without installation on the local PC
  • At any time, at any place: access to your work place and important company data for your work processes
  • No dependence on the functions of a specific operating system on the respective PC or notebook
  • Considerable time saving in work processes
  • Constantly updated data, documents, facts are available to all employees working within the system
  • Central backups of the data and program updates on the web server are obligatory.

The extranet is an extension of the intranet by an area which can be used by a strictly defined group of external users only. With extranet sites you can provide your customers, suppliers and partners with information via the Internet which must not be made accessible publicly.

Extranet applications are usually protected via a log-in and SSL certificate and enable the efficient exchange of confidential data via the Internet.

Advantages of the extranet

  • Companies, suppliers and customers can access the most current information they need (available products, prices, delivery options etc.).
  • Communication and exchange of data is possible around the clock, 365 days a year.
  • Product-related and customer-specific (personalized) data can be queried or exchanged.
  • Commission or order data can be automatically transferred and processed.
  • The merchandise managing systems of the business partners can be linked to one another.
  • The expensive electronically processed solutions for electronic data interchange (EDI) can be replaced with inexpensive extranet solutions.

Where to use web-based software...

  • Knowledge databases with operational information or documents (databases of your products, media,
    events, vacation planning, spatial planning, training programs)
  • Internal forums / FAQ lists
  • Messaging systems for notifications and innovations with archive function.
  • Illustration of the company structure with an introduction of the employees and their contact details.
  • Administration systems for presentations, CI guidelines, videos or miscellaneous documents
  • Internal e-learning applications
  • Other shared database applications, for example, as a substitute for Excel or Access files
  • Managerial accounting / Reporting
  • E-commerce systems
  • Customer relation management
  • Data acquisition software
  • Project / time management
  • Personnel management, personnel assignment planning

Basically everywhere where resources and information must be accessible and plannable - independent
of the complexity.